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Agent Darkbootie

Darkbootie sans silhouette in Battle of the Planets.

Agent Darkbootie is a prominent member of The Swollen Eyeball Network, but also secretly works as a janitor at NASAPlace. Darkbootie is known as the only Swollen Eyeball member to genuinely take Dib seriously, especially in alien matters. His only major appearance was in "Battle of the Planets", where he also becomes the only Swollen Eyeball member other than Dib to appear in person.

Darkbootie worked on repairing an old spaceship meant for monkeys while at his job at NASAPlace. He gave it to Dib in order to pilot the planet Mercury and prevent Zim from taking over Earth while piloting planet Mars. This is his last major role and appearance in the series.

Agent Darkbootie was voiced by John de Lancie, who played the all-powerful Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation. When not appearing in silhouette, Darkbootie has a far less intimidating voice, provided by Fred Tatasciore.

In Issue 13, he has a brief one panel cameo, wherein he tells Dib to actually present proof of Zim's humungoserum if he wants to be taken seriously. And also to use better grammar in his forum posts.

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