Alien Sleep Cuffs
Name Alien Sleep Cuffs
Type Human Technology
Use(s) Productive
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins
Users Dib Membrane

Alien Sleep Cuffs are a pair of high-tech handcuffs that can render any alien unconscious, or as the name implies, into very deep sleep. However, it is unknown if they actually work or not, as they have never been used on an alien before.


Their only appearance was in The Nightmare Begins. Dib attempts to use them to capture Zim. After a long chase to Zim's house, they were vaporized by a laser shot from one of Zim's lawn gnomes. He claims before the major chase scene he got them from Crop Circles Magazine, to which Zim replyed they look pretty.


  • The Alien Sleep Cuffs are one of two things that Dib ordered from Crop Circles Magazine. The other was the X-Scope he used in Dark Harvest.

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