Skoodge 001

Invader Skoodge's relationship with the Almighty Tallest can be described as derisive and cold, at the worst, downright abusive. He is openly hated and discriminated against for being 'so short and ugly'.

Despite Skoodge's undying loyalty and best efforts to be among the most capable individuals in the Irken army, he is continually abused and brushed off for his height.

In "The Nightmare Begins", Skoodge was assigned to planet Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People by the Tallest, in hopes that he would fail and be destroyed. However, in "Battle of the Planets" it was shown he succeeded in conquering Blorch, so the Tallest opted to shoot him into space and credited a taller invader for his success.

Skoodge is aware that the Tallest hate him but it does not affect his composure.

In the unfinished final episode, it is likely that Skoodge would have helped Zim dethrone Red and Purple from their position, but this is unclear.

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