Character Announcer
Homeworld Irk
Assignment Narrator
Rank Invader
Gender Male
Equipment PAK
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
First appearance The Nightmare Begins

The Announcer is an Irken who commentated on the events of the Great Assigning on Conventia through a floating screen. He was voiced by Brad Abrell in "The Nightmare Begins", and Adam Baldwin in "The Frycook What Came from All That Space".

His actual name is unknown; the credits simply list him as "Announcer".

The announcer also seems to have the same helmet as some of the Irken robotic guards.


  • Announcer: Welcome, brave Irken soldiers. Welcome to Conventia, the convention hall planet. Please, proceed to the main docking area and take the complimentary teleporters to the planet's surface.
  • Announcer: Be sure to visit the gift shop for all kinds of cheap, useless stuff!
  • Announcer: If you came for the Great Assigning, please remember where you parked and proceed to the main convention hall.
  • Announcer: Ooh, it looks like the crowd is being treated to nachos.
  • Announcer: ...and now, wiggle your antennae in salute because here they are! Your all-knowing, all-powerful leaders, the ALMIGHTY TALLEST!


He bears the green skin and unique dental formation inherent in Irkens, but his eyes and antennae are concealed beneath a metal helmet with a red, monocular visor. The rest of his body has never been seen aside from his shoulders, which seem to indicate that his attire is a dark magenta, with a thick, ropy collar.