Bees are a race of small yellow-and-black insects commonly found on Earth, and are a running gag in Invader Zim.


Walk of Doom

  • Zim finds that GIR has a beehive in his head. We find that Zim is deathly afraid of bees.

Attack of the Saucer Morons

  • A bee crashes into the Voot Cruiser and causes it to crash-land. Zim nicknames it the "Death Bee". Later, the same bee crashes into the Voot Cruiser Recovery Vehicle, causing it to make a crash landing as well.

Tak: the Hideous New Girl

  • Zim thinks that Tak is after his Robot Bee and holds it out. After Tak leaves, the robot bee flies away.

Simon Sez Doom

  • In this unfinished episode, ZIM would have volunteered at the "Bee a good neighbor" program and worn a bee suit. Dib would have also volunteered at the program to follow ZIM and worn the same bee suit uniform.

Beefus Megabombus

  • This unmade conceptual episode would have dealt with Zim having to eliminate a hive of meat-obsessed bees that have infested his base.

Issue 7

  • The Kyle Starks variant cover features Zim being surrounded by bees.

Issue 9

  • When Zim orders the disguised Dib to clean out the honey-coated puppies GIR keeps in his head, he warns him that the honey has attracted bees. A swarm of them then come out and sting Dib.

Issue 17

  • In the backup comic "Keep It To Yourself", GIR is eating honey, which would appear to be full of bees, as a swarm of them come bursting out of his head, and begin stinging Zim.

Issue 30

  • Zim mentions that he's taping bees together as part of a plan. An explanation on why is not given.