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Invader Zim Episode
Bloaty's Pizza Hog
Title Card - Bloaty's Pizza Hog
Previous: Plague of Babies
Next: Door to Door
Episode No: Episode 10b
Production No: 10b
Airdate: September 7, 2001
Writer(s): Jhonen Vasquez
Rob Hummel

Plot Summary

SPOILER WARNING OF DOOM: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Gaz, who's been trying to draw a little piggy, is getting annoyed as
Pizza hog 1
Dib Inside Out (Bloaty's Pizza Hog)
Dib goes on about his most recent discovery on how to defeat Zim. He believes he has figured out a way to successfully tunnel into Zim's underground base, and is about to leave when Professor Membrane announces it's their annual family dinner night. Gaz picks Bloaty's Pizza Hog and is looking forward to it as she rarely gets to spend time with her work-obsessed father. Dib decides to go on his mission anyway, but promises he will be back by the time Mysterious Mysteries starts. But when Dib fails to get back on time, Professor Membrane refuses to go anywhere until Dib has returned insisting that family night is for the whole family. He warns Gaz that unless Dib makes it back in time, he will have to cancel the whole thing until next year. Gaz decides to postpone dinner for an hour and goes after Dib. She walks right into Zim's base and demands that GIR tell her where Dib went. At first, GIR threatens her to leave, as she is an intruder, but his hostility doesn't hold and he loses focus, instead merely showing her to a teleporter which takes Gaz straight to Zim's Space Station.

There, Gaz finds Dib held captive inside a glass tank, with Zim about to perform some hideous experiments on him. At first, Gaz decides to let Zim carry on for a little bit in order to watch her brother suffer, but thinks better of it when she imagines her father refusing to take them to Bloaty's Pizza Hog with her brother inside out.

Since that is not an option, Gaz decides not to risk it and breaks her brother out, flooding the room with the tank's fluid, which knocks Zim onto the floor. Dib tries to convince Gaz to help him stop Zim now that he's vulnerable, but she ignores her brother, strapping him to a gurney instead so he won't have a choice. Unfortunately, Zim cuts the power to all of the teleporters, making it impossible for them to leave the easy way. Gaz, determined not to be thwarted so easily, tricks Zim into telling her where the escape pods are. She takes off in a pod and Zim quickly gives chase, but she manages to defeat the alien, causing him to crash land on Earth. Gaz and Dib land safely at Bloaty's, and Professor Membrane meets them there. Dib continues to protest eating out while Zim is still at large, but when Zim enters the restaurant, he is terrified of the animatronic characters when they try to entertain him and runs out, screaming. Dib accepts this as a win and finally consents to eating some pizza.

End of Spoilers: There are no further spoilers for this section or article. You can breathe now.

Facts of Doom

Cultural References

1936613973 6

Gaz daydreams.

  • Bloaty's Pizza Hog and its animatronic animals are both parodies of Chuck E. Cheese.
  • The scene that involved Gaz's head spinning a full 360 degrees is a reference to The Exorcist.
  • "Pizza Hog" is a pun of "Pizza Hut".
  • When a kid is playing an arcade game in Bloaty's Pizza Hog, the coin grab noise from Super Mario Bros. can be heard.


  • The Swollen Eyeball Network's phone number is 1-555-555-0199.
    • The triple five phone number is used in all TV shows and movies.
  • Gaz wave
    It is shown Zim has an extreme fear of the mascots at Bloaty's Pizza Hog. This further illustrates his extreme dislike of Earth culture. By the time of Invader Dib, however, this dislike would disappear when he realizes that there is beauty in life on Earth.
  • This is another time Gaz opens her eyes, revealing their amber color; the first is Battle-Dib and the third is Game Slave 2; had the series continued, there may have been more.

Things You Might Have Missed

  • Gaz waves to Zim when they come face-to-face before crashing.
  • In a very brief scene when the camera is panning over the interior of Bloaty's Pizza Hog, a child playing the 'Zap 'Em' arcade game is disintegrated, causing another child who was watching to cheer. Additionally, the sound effects from this game are pulled directly from the "Mario Bros." game series.
  • When Gaz leaves her video watch at home, GIR's menacing, red-eyed visage appears on the screen for a brief moment.
  • In the commercial for Bloaty's Pizza Hog, Poonchy is in the corner.

Inconsistencies and Animation Errors

  • In the scene where Gaz is teleported aboard the ship, as she's looking out the window, Earth can be seen rotating backwards.
  • In the beginning, Gaz was clearly using a green crayon to draw her pig, but it shows up as if she was using a pencil.
Pizza Hog 2
  • Near the beginning, before the monitor showing Professor Membrane shows up, Gaz was drawing a pig. When Gaz appears in the next scene, the pig is coloured in, even though it wasn't before.
  • Right before GIR goes into Duty Mode, his shoulders and chest plate are already red.
  • When Gaz gets to the escape pods and turns and walks away, the window behind her shows Earth with three moons. (However this could be in reference to Planet Jackers, which takes place a few episodes prior to this one)
  • When Dib and Gaz climb into the escape pod, both of them are shown to have purple spots. However, once they fly off, their one had blue spots instead.
  • When Zim's wig falls off, his antennae aren't there.
  • When Gaz drags Dib in the house with his organs on the outside, his pupils are gone, but the next time you see him, he has pupils.
  • When Dib is giving up to invite his sister for infilterate Zim's base, his pupils are halfly out of his eyes.
  • Just after Zim is hit by the purple water in the gaz rescue scene, Zim's uniform's stripes are gone for 1~2 frame

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