Slaughtering Rat People, Rabbits (Possibly extinct)




Parking structure planet

Notable Facts

Blorch was the first planet conquered during Operation Impending Doom II.

First Appearance

The Nightmare Begins


The Slaughtering Rat People.

Blorch was one of the planets marked for conquest by the Irken Empire during Operation Impending Doom II. Invader Larb was the original assigned Invader to conquer this planet, but due to his height increase, he was assigned to planet Vort, home of the Universe's Most Comfortable Couch, and Blorch was instead assigned to Invader Skoodge, among the shortest of the official Invaders.

In an amazing turn of events, Skoodge not only completed his mission, but was also the first Invader in Operation Impending Doom II to conquer his assigned planet. Blorch became the first planet conquered by the Irken Empire in Operation Impending Doom II, and was converted by into a Parking Structure Planet. Before the planetary conversion, Blorch was inhabited by Slaughtering Rat People. The Tallest, not wanting Skoodge as the poster boy for Irken Galactic Conquest, launched him into the planet. Skoodge survived being launched since he appeared on "Hobo 13", but the Blorch rats could be seen dying due to the Organic Sweep. Blorch was also the planet Zim made GIR find when he first tested out GIR's new guidance chip.


WalkOfDoom Blorch

Blorch in Walk of Doom.

Blorch has two moons orbiting it, as seen in the episode "Walk of Doom". They are both exactly the same size and seem to be in exactly the same orbit.


As seen in "Battle of the Planets", Blorch has Jovian-like rings made of dust and rock particles. However, it is possible that this is an asteroid belt.


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