Bludgeon Ball Suits
Name Bludgeon Ball Suits
Type Human Technology
Use(s) Sport
First Appearance Vindicated!
Users Zim

The Bludgeon Ball suits are a sports gear associated with the game "Bludgeon Ball", a modernized version of dodgeball in the Invader Zim universe, and are essential to playing it properly. They make their only appearance in the episode "Vindicated!".



The purpose of the bludgeon ball suit is to store a limited, but massive, amount of bludgeon balls, which it holds in two separate, incredibly large canisters. Which are also used to fire them at the player's opponents.

The suit also protects the player's body from receiving too much damage with upper body, arms, and crotch armor. The player's head is supported by latches, attached to their chin, and temple, to support it from the heavy weight of the armor. The upper limbs of the player are unavailable to them, also covered in armor. So at the end of both ends of the armor is a 100 pound ball, that can reach out at the will of the player. This may serve as a melee option in the bludgeon ball game to give failing players the upper hand.


There has been two different color variants of the Bludgeon Ball suit shown so far, a purple, and a blue. The purple is used by Zim, and the blue by Dib.


  • Despite Bludgeon Ball being the equivalent of Dodgeball in Invader Zim, a single dodgeball is thrown at Zim off screen in the episode, "Dark Harvest", and one of the various ending segments in the show's opening theme.
    • The dodgeballs could've been fired from a bludgeon ball suit, but it hasn't been shown to fire other than several or more at a time in the episode, "Vindicated!".