Breakfast Chunks
Breakfast Chunks
Name Breakfast Chunks
Type Human breakfast food
Use(s) Nutrition
First Appearance Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy

Breakfast Chunks is a cereal brand that made its only appearance in the episode Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy on the show Probing the Membrane of Science.


It was invented by Walton Chunky, who worked at a garbage dump compacting garbage. The idea for Breakfast Chunks came to him when he observed the compactor making garbage into a block while also holding some bran. Putting the two together in his mind, he went on to launch his terrible cereal, which is sold across the nation.

Breakfast Chunks are known for being almost impossible to eat due to their hardness. Essentially, it is just a rock-hard slab of compressed bran.

It was shown that scientists working for Professor Membrane altered the past in order to turn the cereal brand into Breakfast Squid. However, this was probably only for demonstrative purposes, as Breakfast Squid inexplicably resulted in a giant fish in a bear suit rampaging through The City. Professor Membrane used footage of this to show that altering the past is foolish and could doom mankind.

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