Skoolkids 001
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins
Voice Actor Jhonen Vasquez

Brian is one of the Skoolchildren who appears in the Invader ZIM series. Brian was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez and his design was based on art director Bryan Konietzko.

Role in Invader ZIM

Brian first appeared in The Nightmare Begins, refuting Dib's assertion that Zim is an alien by stating that Old Kid was probably an alien as well, following his line of logic. He had another speaking role in Bolognius Maximus, where he teased Zim by calling him 'Bologna-boy'.

Because Ms. Bitters was getting tired of him, Brian was sent to the "Underground Classroom" in Tak: The Hideous New Girl with Poonchy replacing him. Though never stated due to Nickelodeon's censorship policies, it is implied that he died, since he never returned (and Jhonen stated in the episode's commentary that he was glad to be done with him). Despite that, Brian can be seen clinging to the head of Peaches in The Most Horrible X-mas Ever.

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