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Character AgentDarkbootie
Agent Darkbootie is a prominent member of The Swollen Eyeball Network, but also secretly works as a janitor at NASAPlace. Darkbootie is known as the only Swollen Eyeball member to genuinely take Dib seriously, especially in alien matters. His only major appearance was...

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Character AgentDisembodiedHead
Agent Disembodied Head didn't bother listening to what Dib had to say in Zim Eats Waffles. Instead, he yelled at him for calling the agents so often. Disembodied Head has a bird on his shoulder, and is one of the many Swollen Eyeball members who finds Dib annoying.

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Character AgentNessie
Agent Nessie laughed at Dib when he called him in "Zim Eats Waffles," and then mentioned that he had heard about Dib's reputation for being insane from Darkbootie.

Agent Nessie was the second agent Dib contacted to witness the "carnage" of the waffles. He proclaims that Dib was an idiot and...

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Character AgentTunaGhost
Agent Tunaghost is the only female agent to make an appearance in the series. She is the only other agent besides Darkbootie who tries to help Dib, and investigates for him in Gaz, Taster of Pork.

It is possible that she is one of the punk girls found in the background of the episodes...

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Skoolkids 002
Aki is an Indian-American girl who sits next to Dib. She has dark reddish hair with a widow's peak. She sits with the 'cool kids' at Skool, shown in Bestest Friend.

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