native life forms presumably extinct;




Convention hall planet

Notable Facts

The planet's name is a pun on the word "convention".

First Appearance

The Nightmare Begins

Announcer and Green Monkey (The Nightmare Begins)

The air going to the surface of Conventia.

Conventia is the Irken "Convention Hall Planet," which probably had another name before it was conquered by the Irken Empire. The Great Assigning for Operation Impending Doom 2 was held on this planet.

When seen from space, Conventia is colored in shades of light pink and purple, and is surrounded by a docking ring equipped with complimentary teleporters to the planet's surface. The ring purportedly features accommodations for almost any Irken fleet ship, and includes refueling lines for the convenience of its patrons. It should also be noted that those parking should remember where they docked their ship at Conventia, as finding it may prove to be a time-consuming process.

The planet's sky and architecture are very similar to those of Irk, implying that Conventia and Irk are in the same solar system and that the planet once had life which the Irkens eradicated.


Irken vehicles leaving Conventia.

Conventia was featured only in the first episode, "The Nightmare Begins", and was where the Great Assigning was held; this event was hosted by the Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest, and was a convention of the highest-ranked Irken military soldiers. Each soldier was assigned a planet to conquer as part of Operation Impending Doom 2. Zim, having been banished to Foodcourtia for single handedly ruining Operation Impending Doom 1, heard of The Great Assigning, and "invited himself". However, due to his short stature, his failure in the prior operation, and the fact that he was supposed to be banished, his attendance was not well-received. Zim was sent on a "secret mission" to Earth, a hypothesized planet at the time labeled as a question mark on a post-it note. GIR was assembled by the Almighty Tallest from junk in the Great Equipment Hall on Conventia as a replacement SIR unit for Zim.


  • Conventia is the first planet we see that has been conquered by the Irken Empire, and is in fact the first planet seen in the series altogether.
  • Conventia can briefly be seen in the title sequence as Zim flies his Voot Runner away from the other ships.