Countess von Verminstrasser
Lice 2
Homeworld Earth
Rank The Delouser
Gender Female
Weapons bazooka
Hair Color White
Affiliation(s) Verminstrasser's Assistants.
First Appearance Lice
Voice Actor Mindy Sterling

Countess von Verminstrasser is the self-proclaimed warrior against the insidious cranial parasites known as lice. She is also the leader of a team that is called to the Skool to delouse kids. She was considered crazy for believing in the "Lice Queen", which was later proved to be real. She was voiced by Mindy Sterling.


She is an older woman who never goes anywhere without a long, white coat, a translucent red helmet and large, red goggles.


The Countess has made it her life's mission to exterminate all lice on Earth, and she single-mindedly pursues this goal to the point of using questionable methods of finding cures; if anyone "questions her methods," she brusquely reprimands them. She tends to speak harshly, and also seems to talk to herself a good deal. Her personality was meant to mirror that of Dib's.

Role in Invader Zim

She made her sole appearance in "Lice", where she and her lice squad placed the Skool under lockdown after a mass lice infestation.



  • Verminstrasser has a slight resemblance to Ms. Bitters.
  • Her surname seems to imply that she's of German descendant.
  • The Countess and Dib could be kindred spirits, since she was mocked for believing in the Lice Queen just like Dib is when it comes to Zim being an alien and other paranormal things.
  • The fact that Verminstrasser has a similar personality to Dib's and that she proved the existence of the Lice Queen, could hint that Dib will eventually prove to the world that aliens are real, though that's just speculation.
  • Unlike Dib who works alone to protect the Earth from Zim, Verminstrasser's Assistants seem to greatly respect their boss and do not consider her crazy.

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