Death Wave Cannon
Death Wave Cannon 1
Name Death Wave Cannon
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Defense
First Appearance Hobo 13
Users Unknown

The Death Wave Cannon is a military defense unit requested by Zim at the beginning of the episode Hobo 13.


The Death Wave Cannon appears to be a stationary defense unit that is pivoted and fired from the rear. Nothing else is known about it. It was only seen as a schematic when Zim requested it.

It is a round machine built from metal. The top plate has an Irken Military symbol printed on the side, and the bottom plate is similar to the above part, only smaller and without the symbol. The foot is a flat triangular stump. There are several tubes and wires that attach the separate parts together, and the inside has a series of smaller, complicated parts. The portion used to fire has filter-like covering.

Trivia of Doom

  • The Death Wave Cannon seems to resemble the Mobile Assault Cannon from the Star Wars franchise.

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