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Monsters dinky
Name Dinky
Species Badger-Monkey Hybrid
Gender Unknown
Affliation Zoo
Unnamed animal designing program
First Appearance Roboparents Gone Wild

Dinky was the city zoo's half-monkey/half-badger hybrid created for a program at the zoo which allowed children to create the animals they had a desire to see. Dinky was going to appear in the cancelled episode Roboparents Gone Wild.

Robodad stole Dinky from the zoo as a replacement for Zim when he and Robomom realized Zim "didn't love them anymore." They gave Dinky the name "New Zim." However, Dinky destroyed everything it saw and wrecked Zim's Base along with GIR, who couldn't resist the joy of mindless destruction, and abandoned his master. "Old Zim" returned, in addition, wearing hobo hair to look like Dinky. Zim eventually got rid of Dinky, and snuck back into his own house posing as Dinky. Unfortunately, this plan backfired when the city zoo eventually captured Zim, thinking he was Dinky, and sent him to the zoo. There was a big reward after Dinky was missing.

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