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This Chihuahua is every where in the episodes of Invader Zim


Bloody GIR in Invader Zim theme song.

There are so many Easter eggs and mistakes in Invader Zim. One of them is Bloody GIR, but that's just one out of countless others. Did you know that the creater of Invader Zim appears in some of the episodes? He appears in The Nightmare begins, when Zim is choosing a costume. He also appears in a couple more episodes but Im not listing them all.

Bloody GIR:

1.he appears in Mortos Der soulstealer, in the theme song when the pipes come out of Zim's base, the one that gets the closest to the screen will contain Bloody GIR.(pictured)

2.In bad bad rubber piggy when the last pig goes through the portal, there is a flash of light, you pause it at the right time a  Bloody GIR.

3. In GIR's gone crazy and stuff GIR will throw a cow at a building and on a cloud Bloody GIR appears. Right as the cow hits it pause. This can also be viewed if you go frame by frame.

4. In Planet jackers when it gets to Invader Scotch there is a blue planet and on it you can see Bloody GIR's eyes resting on the planet. 3 stars make the shiny part of his head. (I've never found this one but i've researched it)

5. In Plague of Babies there is a crash scene in the beginning of the episode. You can see several instances of Bloody GIR looking in the window of the Voot Cruiser. Also under the r in Rob Hummel. ( I haven't found this one either but I've researched about Bloody GIR) There is one more Bloody GIR in this episode it is when Zim falls into a elevator a little red figure can be seen.

6. In Tak the hideous new girl he appears on Tak's shoe. Also when the wienie ship lands, just before the door opens there is a Bloody GIR by the back wheel. There are three in this episode, here is the last one. When Tak's ship crashes a Bloody GIR appears.

7. In Hamstergedon Zim and Gir are munching on candy sticks a Bloody GIR appears in the top right corner of the screen.

8. In Back seat drivers from beyond the stars Almighty tallest Purple says " That's a Vort Ship" a Bloody GIR appears on his head. (This is really hard to see.)

9. In attack of the Saucer Morons there is another crash scene and when Zim's feet are directly in the air a Bloody GIR can be seen over his feet.(never found this one. )

10. In The girl who cried gnome Bloody GIR appears on a green roof near Dib's head.

11. In the Frycook; What came from all that space during Zim's flashback some costumers are throwing their drink at him when a familiar ship passes by. On that ship there is a Bloody GIR.

12. In Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom the theme song contains a Bloody GIR just like Mortos Der soulstealer. When Dib pops up and the eyeball logo is shown, wait until the glass breaks because a Bloody GIR is on a piece of glass.

13. In The Most Horrible Christmas Ever when Dib attacked Zim with a candy cane a Bloody GIR appears on Zim's back.

14. The last Bloody GIR that I'm listing is in Battle of the Planets when GIR is making a sand face watch when he scoops sand out for the right eye. It will be when his hand is partially on and off the screen on the right side. Bloody GIR will appear beside the sand face.

  1. NIghtmare begins Zim is choosing a costume and one of the choices are the creater.
  2. In the episode Germs he is at Mc Meatiest holding plans for the first episode.
  3. In the episode The Wettining he is reading a comic book he created.
  4. In the NIghtmare Begins Zim is choosing a costume and one of the choices is the creater.

things you should know about some of the episodes :

  1. Bloody GIR appears more than once in some episodes.
  2. In Dark Harvest there is a little rabbit in a jar at the beginning of the episode.(filler bunny)
  3. There is a Chihuahua all over the place. It is almost in every episode.
  4. In Halloween spectacular of spooky doom Keef is in the Nightmare Realm.

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