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Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy is a fictional show that made its only appearance so far in Issue 20 of the Invader Zim comic series. It was apparently cancelled.


The plot of the show is a character named Floopsy blooping another character named Shmoopsy, though at one point, it's mentioned by GIR that everybody bloops Shmoopsy. There are three hundred abnormally long seasons, with at least 500 episodes each. There is also a sequel series called Floopsy Still Bloops Shmoopsy, which ran for five hundred seasons.

Zim greatly dislikes the series. He finds the writing of the characters inconsistent, and the nature of the show repetitive. Despite this, once drawn into watching it, he becomes obsessed, even completely ignoring his Conquer-Blob's destruction and conquest of Earth; this gives the Conquer-Blob time to think, leading to a change of heart wherein it undoes the damage to human society and flies off to help others in the universe.

It is unclear what exactly Floopsy and Shmoopsy are supposed to be. Zim comments that Floopsy looks like some kind of beaver, and Shmoopsy looks like a dwarf walrus that doesn't have tusks.

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