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Giant Fish in a Bear Suit
Name Giant Fish in a Bear Suit

The giant fish wearing a bear suit was an odd Kaiju that appeared rampaging through Tokyo in "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy".


The giant fish in a bear suit is exactly what it sounds like: Its body is garbed in a hooded plush bear suit and through the hood's opening is the bulbous-eyed, gap-mouthed face of an enormous green fish.


The fish has only been seen eating Humans. In a scene on "Probing the Membrane of Science", it was seen holding up a Skool bus as a screaming passenger fell into its gaping mouth.


The fish has only been seen rampaging through cities, eating people, and holding up a picket sign that reads, "Hi Mom".


This mutant fish occurred as an indirect result of use of Professor Membrane's use of the temporal object displacement device to fulfill a young fan's wish of eliminating Breakfast Chunks. Exactly how replacing a sack of bran with a hideous squid could ultimately lead to the creation of an over-sized fish in a bear suit is currently a mystery.

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