Invader Poonchy is an unfinished episode of Invader Zim. It was planned for final animation production on the episode to start on January 18, 2002, but the series was cancelled the day before that date.


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To once again throw off his classmates' suspicion that he is an alien, Zim makes it look like Poonchy, another classmate, is the real Irken Invader and that Zim is just a decoy. He takes the idea a step further to make Dib believe that Poonchy really is an alien by planting Irken technology into Poonchy's room. Zim manages to fool Dib by disguising himself as a member of the "Swollen Meatball" conspiracy theory group. Zim watches the proceedings from overhead in his ship, but smugness becomes horror when he realizes that Poonchy really has one of his superweapons, and hastily stops Poonchy before he wreaks destruction on the planet with his "new video game". After saving everyone, Dib goes to jail and the cops eat Poonchy's dinner.

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Facts of Doom

  • The day before the crew of Invader Zim planned to start animation on Invader Poonchy and "Nubs of Doom", Nickelodeon cancelled the series, thus becoming pointless to make the episode.
    • If Nickelodeon had cancelled the series on January 18, 2002 instead of January 17, 2002, Nubs of Doom and Invader Poonchy would have been completed episodes. This is because once the animation process begins, Nickelodeon cannot get the episodes scrapped because of the production budget being moved forward and submitted, thus they would actually lose money.
  • This would have been the fourth time Zim shows concern for the Earth. The first was in "Planet Jackers" the second is in "Hamstergeddon", the third is in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl", the fifth would have been in "Squishy: Hugger of Worlds", and the sixth and ultimate time would have been "Invader Dib."

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