Invader Zim House Box set

The box set.

The Invader Zim House Box Set is a 4-disc set, made up of all of the Invader Zim episodes. It is made up of the Invader Zim DVD Collection, which are the three disc Doom Doom Doom, Horrible Holiday Cheer, and Progressive Stupidity. Other features are a Duty Mode GIR figurine (That is only found in this Box Set), a 70 minute soundtrack, selected by Invader Zim's composer, Kevin Manthei, and a Special Features DVD. It was released on April 19th 2005, and is in the shape of Zim's Base. It is now very hard and very expensive to get, as it can cost a few hundred dollars, and can only be found online, through sites like Amazon and Ebay.

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