Zim plush

Invader Zim Original Mini's Clip-On Plushes are a set of collectible clip-on figures. They are approximately 4 inches tall, and are plush dolls made of polyester fiber. They come in blind bags, and there are a total of 8 plushes to collect.


Invader Zim Original Mini’s plush clip-on figures are here! Collect all 8! Assortment includes Gaz, Dib, Gir cuddling, Gir in dog suit, Gir with hood down, Zim, Gir Pink & Gir with pig. Which one will you get? It's a surprise![1]


There is a total of 8 different plushes. They are listed below:

  • ZIM
  • Dib
  • Gaz
  • GIR (with stuffed monkey)
  • GIR (in dog suit)
  • GIR (with hood down)
  • GIR (with pig)
  • GIR (duty mode)