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The Massive

The Irken Armada.

The Irken Armada is a vast group of spaceships consisting mostly of Spittle Runners and Shuuvers, escorting the mighty flagship of the armada, The Massive. Whenever an Irken Invader discovers a planet's weakness, they call in the Irken Armada to perform the Organic Sweep. When the planet's inhabitants are killed or enslaved, the Almighty Tallest give the planet a single purpose, such as an intergalactic food court, or a parking structure planet.

The Armada has been responsible for the successful subjugation of numerous species throughout the universe, and stands as a physical display of the might of the Irken military machine. When asked for schematics of the Massive, Prisoner 777 of planet Vort expressed distinct fear at the idea of infuriating the Armada (Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars). Despite this, it has experienced setbacks - Operation Impending Doom I, accidentally stopped by Zim, saw the utter annihilation of the first wave of Invaders and postponement of Irken galactic conquest ("The Nightmare Begins"). Following the conquest and planetary conversion of Blorch, a sizeable portion of the Armada was wiped out by the planet Mars, which had been converted into a vehicle by its extinct native inhabitants, and left running through the universe by Zim ("Battle of the Planets"). The Armada was later caught off-guard when Zim used a remote-command chair to hack into the Massive's power core and steer it towards Earth, leaving the Armada to catch up only when the Tallest had ordered the Massive's power core to be beamed out of the ship ("Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars").

The Armada has been at the forefront of Irken galactic conquest since the beginning of Operation Impending Doom II. In most episodes when it appears, its vastness typically extends beyond the bounds of the screen. It has several times been shown in action, notably during Dib's dreamed future-life where it was defeated by Earth's defence forces ("Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom"), and over an unknown planet during the episode "The Girl who Cried Gnome", where a cookie-seller stuck in a hole screeches so loudly that the Almighty Tallest hear her during a pitched battle.

The Armada's flagship is the Massive, the Tallest's command ship, a technological splicing of Irken, and mostly Vortian technology from before the Vortians were conquered.


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