Irken Elites

Colored version from Invader Con

Alexovich Aliens elite

Irken Elites

Irken Elites are the best of the best Irken soldiers, trained to handle any situation.


Trial Zimelite

Zim as an Irken Elite

Only the best of the Irken Elite can become Invaders and set out to single-handedly conquer a planet. They have two tubes leading from their PAK to their chest, and to represent their home world they have the Irken insignia painted on their foreheads. Tak was waiting to take the test to become an Elite Soldier when Zim caused the blackout in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl" and prevented her from taking it. Zim was also a member of the Irken Elite, and moved on to the Invader class, which allowed him to take part in Operation Impending Doom. To become an Irken Elite, Irken soldiers go to Devastis to take their final test.

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