The Irken History refers to the history of the Irken race.


The First Irkens

The Irken race is presumably unable to reproduce naturally, as they are shown to do so by cloning. It is unknown how they reproduced
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before they learned the cloning process, but it
Irken Symbols

Irken Symbols

is possible that the first Irkens reproduced in the same way humans do, and when they found out how to make clones, they forgot how after using cloning for thousands, possibly millions of years. The Control Brains are the ones who create the Irken babies, known as Smeets, and program their personality and all Irken knowledge into their PAK, as seen in the episode Parent Teacher Night. The Control Brains are extremely powerful; even the Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest, must obey them, which makes the Almighty Tallest more like figureheads than actual leaders.

Zim's Impact on Irken History

Foodcourtia (The Frycook What Came From All That Space)


Zim, an Irken Defective, has caused many accidents in Irken history, many of which are covered in the cancelled episode The Trial. A few minutes after his birth, he jammed up a chute with another Smeet that created a blackout on Irk, lasting for five years, which became known as "Horrible Painful Overload Day".

Later, he and Invader Skoodge were involved in an accident with a security robot, which caused another blackout, this one lasting for four years. This event became known as "Horrible Painful Overload Day Part II".

Tallest Miyuki sent Zim to work as a scientist on Vort Research Station 9, where he created an energy absorbing blob that devoured Miyuki. Her successor, Tallest Spork, was devoured by the blob when it returned to get its collar after one day of ruling. The Almighty Tallest Red and Purple took power some time after this.

Zim was also responsible for ruining Tak's life, when he plunged half the Irken military training planet Devastis into darkness by destroying a vending machine after being unable to grab a snack with a gigantic machine. This trapped Tak in her testing room. The Testing continued on the other half of the planet. When Tak escaped from her room, she pleaded with the Control Brain to let her take her test again, but she said she had to wait another seventy years, and was placed on a janitorial squad on planet Dirt.

Zim destroyed Operation Impending Doom I by rampaging across Irk, believing it to be an enemy planet, almost destroying the Irken civilization. For this, he was sentenced to work on the Irken snacking planet Foodcourtia for all eternity as punishment for ruining Operation Impending Doom I. However, he escaped when he heard about Operation Impending Doom II. Frylord Sizz-Lorr kidnapped Zim from Skool in "The Frycook What Came from All That Space" to take him back to Foodcourtia so that he wouldn't have to do all the work during The Foodening. However, Zim (as usual) escapes again. Zim worked there as a Janitor or Food Cooker, and has worked there since his punishment.

Zim is apparently proud of the disasters he has caused in his life, as revealed in the episode "The Frycook What Came from All That Space".

Operation Impending Doom II

With Zim banished to Foodcourtia, nothing stood in the Irken Empire's way of universal conquest now. Irken Invaders were sent out with their SIR Units to enemy planets to observe the inhabitants, find out its weaknesses, and find out what way would be best to conquer that planet. Planet Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People, was the first planet conquered in Operation Impending Doom II; Almighty Tallest Red decided to make it into a parking structure planet. Invader Skoodge, the conqueror of Blorch, was launched into the planet by the Tallest, as he was poorly judged for being "short and ugly". Almighty Tallest Purple decided that Invader Grapa's name was now Skoodge as he was taller. He appeared to become happy.

However, it seems that other Invaders are doing well in their mission as well, but it is unknown if they have conquered any of their assigned planets. Invader Flobee was being hailed as leader of the rock people when Zim spied on him through his telescope. He was wearing a terrible disguise with rocks strapped to his body. Invader Stink was taking a break, along with his SIR unit, with a burning city in the distance. Invader Skutch is seen laughing on top of a burning structure, presumably conquering the planet.

Irken-Planet Jacker Treaty

(main article: Irken-Planet Jacker Treaty)

The Irken-Planet Jacker treaty was a treaty signed by the Irkens and the Planet Jackers at an unknown point in Irken History. The treaty states that the Planet Jackers must not throw a planet marked for conquest by the Irken Military into their sun. Zim mentioned this when the Planet Jackers try to steal Earth.

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