Invader Zim Issue
Issue 24
Iz comic 24
Previous: Issue 23
Next: Issue 25
Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: October 18, 2017
Story by: Eric Trueheart
Art by: Warren Wucinich
Color by: Fred C Stresing

Official Summary

The killer virus has a name! Well, not really, but ZIM has the name of the guy who put the virus in GIR in the first place: VIROOZ. He also knows where he lives-Cyberflox, the galaxy’s largest technology flea market! It’ll take all of ZIM’s cunning, intelligence, and subtlety to infiltrate the planet and find VIROOZ, which means ZIM is probably going to fail. Badly. Part three of a four-part story!


Issue 24 was released on October 18, 2017.


  • Warren Wucinich standard retail cover
  • Sean Dove variant cover
Issue #24 has a total of 2 cover variations. 
  1. Warren Wucinich standard retail cover
  2. Sean Dove variant cover

Characters in Issue #24 (In Order of Appearance)


SPOILER WARNING OF DOOM: This section or article may contain spoilers!

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Facts of Doom 

  • This is the second multi-part story in the Invader ZIM comic series. The first were Issues 1 and 2.
    • This is the first story with 4 parts.
  • This is the first time that Zim did not cause destruction directly but actually indirectly since the paranoia of the other aliens caused shoot outs and explosions.
  • Ironically Zim is disguised as a janitor, which was Tak's job after she failed to take her test on Devastis.
  • Minimoose has a significant role here, or at least a larger one than in previous issues.
  • Many of the aliens on Cyberflox did not appear on the series, with the exception of the Vortian at the beginning of the issue.
  • This is the first time that there is a swear word in the comics.
  • Once again, Dib only has a cameo appearance in the storyline.
  • Despite Cyberflox serving only one purpose which is a black market planet, it is apparently not conquered by the Irken Empire.
  • The rat in a sombrero that appears near the end of the issue looks exactly like the one GIR tried to pass off as a burrito in Issue 18.

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