Invader Zim Issue
Issue 39
Zim 39 A
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Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: January 30, 2019
Story by: Sam Logan
Art by: Maddie C
Color by: Fred C. Stresing

Official Summary

When an alien ship crashes on Earth, its builders demand to know who is responsible for causing the accident. They have four suspects to interrogate: siblings Dib and Gaz Membrane, a green earth-child just named ZIM, and a green earth-dog named GIR. Only one is telling the truth. But which one? And why? And which one? And why?


Issue 38 is scheduled to be released on January 30, 2019.


  • Warren Wucinich standard retail cover
  • Sam Logan variant cover
Issue #39 has a total of 2 cover variations. 
  1. Warren Wucinich standard retail cover
  2. Sam Logan variant cover

Characters in Issue #39 (In Order of Appearance)


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