Jean-Paul Bondy supervised the color department, produced all color development for Invader ZIM, and directed background and character painters. His other duties included: all color retake sessions, color correction, post-production artwork, main-title sequence and credit layout and design.

About Jean-Paul Bondy

I have been working in TV/Feature animation for 14 years, as an Art Director, Color Director, Background Painter and Visual Development artist.

I take loads of photos of everything that I can, including people, cats, atypical weddings and awesome sunrises. I have a camera with me at all times.

I also make strange sounding electronic music, and have released a bunch of records on various labels you've probably never heard of.

I currently live in Los Angeles, California, but travel frequently and will relocate for the right amount of awesome.

I like to begin paragraphs with "I"..




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