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Mac Meaties 1
Name MacMeaties
Located In Earth
Known Residents Employees
First Appearance Germs

MacMeaties is a fast food restaurant featured in many episodes of the Invader Zim series. It is, like all of Jhonen's parodies, a parody of the fast food restaurant McDonald's, and was where Zim went for his Career Day field trip (thinking that the "8 billion served" meant that 8 billion people serve "MacMeaty", trying to conquer Earth through MacMeaties), and where Mortos first went to power up his dark spooky powers. Also, it was where Zim discovered that the meat served there (made of napkins) was entirely germ-free.


McMeaties Fast food
MacMeaties in Career Day

There are several MacMeaties throughout the city in which the series takes place: Two on Maple, one on Greenbush, and one on Haverford, first mentioned in Return of Keef.

Space Meat

The meat at MacMeaties was based on the concept of "space meat", meat that was developed by NASAPLACE as a germ-hostile food to take into space. They originally wanted to use the said "space meat", but lacking access and money to such high-end technology, they resorted to making their meat out of used napkins.

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