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We currently have 706 articles about Earth's impending doom.



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Alexovich Peeps principal
The Skool Principal is the current principal of the Skool. He was first heard speaking on the phone to Ms. Bitters in the episode Tak: The Hideous New Girl, where he made loud pig sounds to an outraged Bitters. He also made a larger appearance in the episode The Voting of the Doomed, but only as a silhouette. He brainwashed Willy to make it so that he would not complain about the terrible conditions of the Skool, namely the dirty bathrooms.

"Somebody needs a huuuuug!"

GIR, Germs

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If Zim had to wear one of these costumes, which one would you want him to wear?

The poll was created at 01:28 on October 9, 2012, and so far 2802 people voted.

Previous polls

Our last poll asked your favorite character. Zim won with 111 votes, with GIR landing in second place with 91 votes, and Dib in third place with 41 votes.

One of our last polls asked your favorite two-parter. Tak: The Hideous New Girl won with 256 votes, with Backseat Drivers From The Stars landing in 2nd place, with 106 votes, and The Nightmare Begins in 3rd with 87 views!

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