The Meekrob

The Meekrob are a species native to the planet of the same name, which Invader Tenn was assigned to conquer as part of Operation Impending Doom II. However, Tenn's base was destroyed because of a package of malfunctioning SIR Units, which were supposed to go to Zim. In a cancelled episode, Zim and Invader Skoodge would have gone to Meekrob and rescue Tenn after she was discovered by the Meekrob and held captive.

Disguised as flying shoes

Disguised as flying shoes

The Meekrob are beings of pure energy which would presumably make it extremely hard for Tenn and her SIR Unit to create convincing disguises. The Meekrob are the sworn enemies of the Irken Empire, which is probably why Zim had them go to Dib in his illusion, seeing as he hates Zim. That also may be why the Almighty Tallest sent Tenn a Megadoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech to fight them, although Zim received it instead. They are highly intelligent and can change their form at will. In their natural state, they look vaguely like floating sets of lungs with tentacles. The Meekrob are in alliance with the Resisty, or rather would have been had "Invader Dib" been scripted.

They make their only appearance in "Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom", although they only appear as an illusion created by Zim to find out if he threw a muffin at him. Had the series continued, it is also possible that they would have also made Dib their ambassador, and be exiled to Saturn with him (by Zim and possibly Gaz) after the war ends, though this is only one of many semi-canon plot details and outlines of the finale that have emerged over the years. 


  • The species' name is a reference to the Thai dish Mee Krob, which translates literally to "crisp noodles" or "fried noodles".
  • Meekrob. along with Larb and Lard Nar, were also named after Thai dishes.
  • Mee Krob was one of the foods that Fillerbunny was forced to eat in Jhonen Vasquez's comic.

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