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Megadoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech

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Megadoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech
Megadomer Stealth-Mech
Name Megadoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Offense
First Appearance Megadoomer
Users Zim
Invader Tenn (intended user)

The Megadoomer is a prototype assault mech. The only known model was originally intended to be shipped to Invader Tenn on Planet Meekrob, but was instead shipped to Zim due to the "revolutionary" actions of a rebellious slave on the Conveyor Belt Planet (detailed in Megadoomer). Zim was originally intended to receive a number of dangerously malfunctioning SIR units; these were sent to Tenn instead.


Chicken legs

The Megadoomer's legs.

The Megadoomer is colored in the dark reds and greys not uncommon to other Irken vehicles, and sports the "one-eyed" Irken symbol on its hull. It also walks on what GIR pointed out to be "chicken legs" (similar to the AT-AT walkers in Star Wars III: Return of the Jedi). It appears to have no conventional windows, and is piloted manually. Purple's only reaction to the Megadoomer was that he "didn't like it". Which may have either been a frivolous comment based on his personal aesthetic taste, or a strange sort of unwitting insight.

Megadoomer controls

An above view of the cockpit.

The dark red and maroon cockpit of the mech is decently spacious, containing the controls by which the user controls the machine. The start button is on the right of the steering wheel, as is the self-destruct button, which resembles a smiley face.

The most notable design feature of the Megadoomer is its cloaking device, which 


Zim in the Megadoomer's cockpit.

allows it to become invisible. However, it appears as though the mech was never properly tested before it was to be shipped to Tenn, because the Almighty Tallest probably wouldn't have sent it to her had they known its crippling, painfully ironic flaw: while cloaked, the Megadoomer itself remains entirely transparent, yet its pilot sits completely visible. This is likely an intentional flaw by its creators, the Vortians, to weaken the Irken army.

Onboard weapons and strength

The Megadoomer is heavily armed, and its armaments include numerous artillery cannons as well as an excessively powerful weapon known only as the "Doom Cannon". Zim was seen repeatedly pressing this as the ship remained invisible.

As the Megadoomer was large, its weight caused cracks in where it walked and effortlessly broke through structures, intentionally or not. Due to the weight, however, reaching Dib's House, which was only two blocks away, took a considerably lengthy amount of time. This seems to imply that the Megadoomer is better suited as a tank accompanied by smaller units than a standalone force.



Zim still visible after activating the cloaking device.

As mentioned previously, when the Megadoomer's cloaking device is activated, the vehicle itself is turned invisible but the pilot is not, effectively rendering the entire cloaking system useless. Objects such as bushes and other debris getting stuck on the Megadoomer will also appear visible, making it more easily trackable by the enemy. Overall, despite its name, stealth doesn't seem to be its' top priority.

An interesting note brought up in the commentary for the Megadoomer episode is that when Zim was in the Megadoomer's cockpit, he was lit by the cockpit's red lights and is colored red accordingly. However, when the mech turned invisible, Zim was colored in conventional night-time lighting. This discrepancy was refuted by the claim that the red lighting of the cockpit too becomes invisible, leaving Zim to be lit by what lights there are outside the vehicle. Oddly enough, Zim himself could still see the interior of the cockpit, even while in stealth mode.


The Megadoomer is equipped with self-destruct capability, presumably to destroy it if it were to be in danger of being captured by an enemy (or in the episode, photographed by Dib). The Megadoomer also ejects the pilot out of the rear of the ship and sends an automated message to the Massive after it self-destructs, informing the Tallest of its destruction.

Power Draw

Gigantic plug

The plug's size.

Throughout the episode the Megadoomer appeared in, power supply problems present themselves constantly. When Zim and GIR unpacked the mech, they found that batteries were uncharged, forcing them to plug a massive power cable into conventional Earth power outlets to sustain the mech's power draw. Though this solution allowed for Zim's resultant impulsive rampage in the Megadoomer to continue, it proved to be far less practical than the batteries would have been (which would have allowed the mech to remain self-contained, at least for some time); Every time the Megadoomer moved too far from the power outlet it was reliant upon, Zim had to summon GIR to locate another outlet closer to the mech.

This problem continued when Zim prepared the (unseen) Doom Cannon to kill Dib: the cannon required so much energy to charge that it shut down the entire city's electricity, and ended up never even being used.

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