Melvin is one of the most recognizable Skoolchildren, besides Dib and Zim. He was voiced by Danny Cooksey, but was originally voiced by Hope Levy in the Pilot.



Melvin has very light skin, and two hairs that stick up on his otherwise-smooth hairstyle, and are the same color as his skin. He wears a shirt that is similar to Dib's, but reflects a much happier tone, being bright orange in color, and bearing a yellow bunny face on the front.

Future career

Melvin has stated on at least two occasions that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.
The first time was in the Original Pilot, and the second was in Career Day. It is very obvious what he wants to be, but it appears that he doesn't think he's made it clear enough to everyone else.


Melvin's heads itchy!

Melvin with lice.

In the Original Pilot, Melvin shared a story he wrote by the name of "Melvin's Space Adventure" with the rest of the class, and eats paste in The Wettening. Melvin also told everyone what he wanted to be in Career Day, and later started the lice infection in Lice (to Miss Bitters' horror, in her only instance of showing care towards the children) and was handcuffed to Dib for most of the time the delousing staff was present.


He seems to be perpetually happy, and always speaks very loudly and shrilly. Melvin's voice and movements reflect his very happy disposition. He is also one of the Rejects.

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