Notable Facts

The Butt of Mercury

First Appearance

"Battle of the Planets"


Mercury is a real-life planet existing in the Solar System. It is the closest planet to the Sun and has boiling hot days and ice cold nights.

In Invader Zim, Mercury is a planet featured in the episode "Battle of the Planets". The planet contained a strange formation called the "Butt of Mercury". This planet had been converted into a spacecraft by the aliens that lived on Mars, like they also did with Mars before they worked themselves into extinction. It was done to test if the process could work on Mars. Dib used the planet to stop Zim from crushing the human race by rolling Mars (also a spacecraft) over Earth's surface, which the Almighty Tallest found hilarious.

It is unknown what happened to it after Dib defeated Zim in the Battle of the Planets; it was possibly put back into orbit by Dib, or it might have been broken loose from its orbit to drift across the universe, the same as Mars.


  • There is no 'butt' on Mercury. Rather, this is a parody of the "face" on Mars, an actual natural formation.

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