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Mo Collins
Birth Date July 7, 1965
Death Date N/A
Gender Female
Characters RoboMom
Website [N/A Official Site]

Maureen Ann Collins (Mo Collins), was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 7, 1965. A painfully shy youth, Mo developed her love of improv comedy after becoming involved in a drama class in the 8th grade. She also attended Robbinsdale Armstrong High School and graduated in 1983. Collins attended College for 2 years before quitting to attend Dudley Riggs' Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, where she honed her improv and sketch writing skills. Collins left after a few years and moved to Florida where she worked for 2 years at Disney Orlando at a improv place called "Pleasure Island". Madtv Castmember Paul Vogt and his brother Peter, and they became not only co workers but close friends. Mo then returned to Minneapolis where she starred in many theater productions and plays. In 1993 Mo married fellow Minnesotan and rock drummer Jimi Englund. They have a son, Cullen, who is now 10 years old.
Both husband and son have appeared on the show with her. When her son was 2, Mo sold her Minneapolis home, packed up her belongings and headed to LA in hopes of making her dreams come true. Within a year, she landed her big break on MadTV. Since then, Collins has made numerous TV appearances and had a starring role in the 2002 movie "Detective Fiction," which made its debut at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. She also appeared in the 1999 short film "Spa" about a woman who enters a spa after being invited there by a relative and refuses to leave. She also appeared in the 2001 film "Factory Accident Sex". Mo appeared in the 2003 film "La La Wood", about the life of Jiminy Glick, as well as a well-talked-about part in the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin". Mo can be seen in the upcoming movies "Danny Roane: First Time Director", which will make its debut at the SouthBySouthwest Film Festival in Austin, TX on March 11, as well as the movie "Easier, Softer Way" and has also made appearances on the TV shows "Joey", "Less Than Perfect", "7th Heaven","Family Guy", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Fat Actress." She is Zita's and Robomom's voice in Invader Zim.



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