The Museum of Natural History Museum is a museum in The City that appears in Issue 3 of the Invader Zim comic series.


As part of his plot to summon the Star Donkey, Zim poses as an artist called "Shminvader Shmim" and starts building the temples needed for the summoning, disguising them as pieces of art. For the last of these, Zim begins construction at the Museum of Natural History Museum. The administration of the museum is thrilled to have him, even though they admit that they usually don't have artwork as part of their collections, and they host Zim for a lunch banquet.

After capturing Dib trying to sabotage the construction, Zim reveals his plans, and lets slip that he specifically needs a "great crystal sugar cube" on display at the museum to power the summoning. This cube was discovered after it fell to Earth from a wormhole, and kept in the mineral wing of the museum, until Zim takes it and summons the Star Donkey.


  • As the museum administrators state, the museum doesn't normally contain artwork. Instead, its collections appear to consist primarily of fossils, rock, gems, minerals, and artifacts like the crystal sugar cube.
  • When Dib is captured, he's locked up in an "art hater's closet". Given that it's established the Museum does not usually have a focus on art, it seems odd that it would have such a room, unless it's just a normal closet that Zim repurposed.

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