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Plague of babies 17

Giganto Baby

The Nhar-Gh'ok are an alien race from the planet of the same name that look identical to human babies. However, they are far stronger than the average human infant, capable of even denting metal with just a single punch. Zim encountered the leader of a military group of Nhar-Gh'ok, Sergeant Shnooky (alias Noogums) and his unit, who had been stranded on Earth for seven years in the place of some accidentally-abducted human infants. Nhar-Gh'ok can spew acid from their mouths, but their most amazing ability is the way they are able to fuse together into one amorphous being known as "Giganto-Baby". The Nhar-Gh'ok also may have the ability to create a hideous smell to defend themselves.

The Nhar-Gh'ok made their only appearance in Plague of Babies. It is unknown if they are aware of the existence of the Irkens, for Mary and Fred are proof that the Irkens are not known throughout the entire universe. However, Shnooky claimed that they will tell all of Earth about Zim specifically if he resists their efforts.

Known Members

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