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Nickelodeon Party Blast is a 2002 video game available for Xbox, PC, and Gamecube. A PS2 Version was going to be made but was cancelled for unknown reasons. Zim is featured as a playable character in the game. Invader Zim-themed stages are available to play, and a level in which the player competes against Dib and Gaz is featured. In the intro played before the game, Zim appears along with Nickelodeon characters and a bee with a strong resemblance to Zim's robot bee shown in Tak: The Hideous New Girl. Though he is not playable, GIR can be seen in the background of several levels. Almighty Tallest Purple is shown in the background of the level in which the player competes against Dib and Gaz.

The game also marked the first time for Zim to appear and be a playable character in a video game.

Games Playable

Squirt and Splash: A game similar to a water gun fight. The person with the highest score wins. Zim's lair is available as a setting for this game. (Boss)

Pipe Challenge: A game where the player connects pipes together leading from the starting point to a rocket. Zim's lair is available as a setting for this game.

Food Fight: A game where the player throws food at their opponents, causing them to lose points upon impact. MacMeaties is available as a setting for this game.

Basketball: Similar to basketball, but with tricks included. Earn points by making baskets and doing tricks. Zim's outfit in this mini-game resembles some form of armor, like in the Irken gladiatorial matches.

Racing: A 5th-party event in which te player races other players and see who has the most coins by the end of the level.

Claim bonus stages: Bonus stages where each different stage lets the player play four different games to win or lose.

Gooze: At the end of the game there is a Gooze squirter stage in which the player squirts goo at Nicktoons characters and the person who goozes the most players is the winner of the game. It is possible that the level is a Invader Zim one because it has the same music as the Invader Zim levels.

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