The cover of the game. Zim can be seen in the background.

Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy (known as Spongebob and Friends Freeze Frame Frenzy in Europe) is a video game released in 2004 in which Zim was featured. It was released exclusively for the Game Boy Advance on September 20, 2004.


Nicktoons freeze frame frenzy cartridge

Game Cartridge

In the game, the player goes around different Nicktoons worlds and takes pictures of people that do not belong and teleports them back to their own worlds. In several levels, the misplaced characters from Invader ZIM are Gaz, Melvin, Dirge, GIR, Ms. Bitters, Dib, Keef, and Bill. The player also has to beat a robot version of a Nicktoons character, and in the last level it is revealed that Zim created them and he is the mastermind behind everything, including kidnapping characters and putting them in the wrong worlds (the player plays as Jimmy Neutron to defeat him and GIR).

Name Errors

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