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Nightmare Bitters shrieking in rage

Nightmare Bitters is the Nightmare doppelganger of Ms. Bitters, and as such, she made her only appearance in the "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom". She appears to be the ruler of the Halloweenies and was the main antagonist of the special. She was voiced by Rodger Bumpass.


Nightmare Bitters owns the Nightmare Skool and is a commander of the Halloweenies.



Nightmare Bitters in her monstrous insect-like form

Nightmare Bitters is a large, grotesque, bowlegged creature with a hunch. She wears glasses with a purple tint, and has a multitude of long, striped tentacles protruding from her back. After Zim rescued Dib in the Nightmare Mech, she demonstrated her capability to transform into a giant, insect-like creature, and gave chase to the pair.Nightmare Bitters wears a ragged purple dress with vertical white letters spelling the word B A D.

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