Nightmare Gaz

Nightmare Gaz is Gaz's doppelgänger in the Nightmare Realm, and made her only appearance in the Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom. She and Nightmare Membrane captured Dib while he was sneaking into their house, and took him to Nightmare Bitters.


Nightmare gaz in front

Nightmare Gaz

She is very similar to Gaz, but is skeletal, has goat-like legs, a fully-exposed row of teeth and no lower jaw. She also appears to be even creepier than the original Gaz, which is quite the achievement.


  • She was seen drinking juice, but it is unknown how she could have since she doesn't seem to have a mouth-hole.
  • She was voiced by Melissa Fahn.


  • "We're gonna open your head! Heeuh hah ha ha ha!" (slurps drink) "Hyeeea heh heh heh!" (slurps drink)

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