Officer Squidman
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Vehicles Police Car
Hair Color Gray
Affiliation(s) Police
Squidman was a former police officer who made his one and only appearance in "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff". He was voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo.


Squidman is a tall, thin man. Prior to his brain replacement, he wore a dark policeman hat. After receiving the brain of a squid, he had a less-healthy complexion, coupled with yellowed eyes and stooped posture.


Not much is known of his life as a policeman, as his brain was removed and replaced with that of a squid's. As a squid, he desperately wanted to go back to the sea and panicked frequently.

Role in Invader Zim

In "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff", Squidman played his siren going past Zim's house, which caused Zim to test the behavioral modulator he had made for GIR by ordering him to investigate. GIR just simply threw the car into Zim's house, blowing his cover.

To keep the policeman from exposing him, Zim switched his brain with a squid's, causing great confusion for the Squidman. However, at the end of the day, Squidman is ultimately the one that stops GIR by squirting ink at him (though it is unknown how he managed to do so, and at one point it is implied that this "ink" is actually his feces). Zim and GIR both flew through intergalactic space battles to get to the beach to rid of Squidman and make him go back to his "home" in the sea. As he swims away, however, GIR comments that he's being "eaten by a shark".


  • Whilst begging for freedom, it is shown that he has three children; a son and two daughters. One of them is Mary, who is one of Zim's classmates.
  • Squidman made no other appearances in the series, and based on GIR's closing comment, he's presumably dead.


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