Dib & Poop cola

A typical Poop Cola can

Poop can
Poop Cola is a ubiquitous product in the Invader Zim universe. It seems to be modeled after Coke or Pepsi and is often used in the series as Jhonen's way of poking fun at actual human behavior and corporate marketing techniques. The great Poop flavor comes in a wide variety of products as well, not just sodas. Poop Cola does not appear to be made of actual feces, however; it is just regular cola but with a darker color shade.

Poop Cola is available in many flavour variants, much like the real-life soft drinks it parodies. As seen in "Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain", the Krazy Taco alone offers customers their choice of Regular Poop, Classic Poop, Diet Poop, or Cherry Poop.

Poop is usually seen in Poop Cans being drunk by humans. Many of the characters are shown partaking of Poop including Dib, Gaz, and GIR.

Breakfast poop

Although he once fell victim to the promise of a mystery prize and was compelled to sell Poop candy, Zim of course is the only character who has never been seen partaking of Poop. However, at the end of "Tak: The Hideous New Girl", he could be seen drinking out of a can; although this may have been a coloring error, considering that there was an Irken insignia at the bottom.

Other Products

  • Choco-poop
  • Poop-corn
  • Breakfast Poop - Given the appearance of the container, it would seem that Breakfast Poop is actually orange juice.
  • Poop Candy bars - The actual Poop content of the Poop Candy bars is small since the bars are actually made of sawdust. Poop candy bars are aggressively marketed by Poop Dawg, a rapping corporate mascot who appears as a "gangster spectre of defeat" in Zim's heat-induced hallucinations when Zim at first fails to sell as much Poop candy as his peers.


Trivia of Doom

  • It is unknown if Poop products actually taste like poop. If they do, it is unknown how they ever get sold unless they are addicting.
  • Poop cola seems to be highly irritating to Irken skin. Zim screams in pain in multiple episodes when covered with the liquid, and Tak's skin appears to be smoking after Gaz sprays cola on her.

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