Probing the Membrane of Science (Battle-Dib)

Probing the Membrane of Science is a TV show created and hosted by Professor Membrane, in which he discusses scientific subjects and answers questions from the audience.

Role in Invader ZIM

In "Battle-Dib", the show requires potential audience members to take a test, mainly covering science and Professor Membrane's personal life. After getting at least a 94.1%, one moves onto a battle arena to fight another potential audience member. After winning two out of three rounds, the winning contestant either goes in to the audience or goes on for another test before going in to the audience. The one who loses is escorted out of the building. As seen in this episode, Dib has served as an "assistant" on the show.

In "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy", Professor Membrane revealed the Time Object Displacement Device on the show after a kids exclaimed his hate for Breakfast Chunks and wanted to permanently get rid of it.

There seems to be much attention on this show, and it was most likely intended for young fans of Membrane's, as its audience consists mostly of children.


  • The theme that plays when an audience member asks a question is similar to the question theme from Jeopardy.
  • It is most likely a parody of shows such as Bill Nye the Science Guy.

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