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Name Roboparents
Type Irken Technology
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins
Users Zim
Voice Actor(s) Michael McDonald (Robodad)
Mo Collins (Robomom)
The Roboparents are Zim's

Zim with his Roboparents.

robotic "parent" decoys, which he uses to appear more human (as Irkens do not appear to have actual families in the animated series). They are poorly built, and have a limited vocabulary, primarily consisting of "Welcome home, son!". They debuted in The Nightmare Begins, and have shown up frequently throughout the series onwards. However, the episode Parent Teacher Night was their first major appearance, where they were upgraded by Zim to behave more parent-like, and they played a primary role in Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars. Both "parents" seem oblivious to the fact that they're actually robots, and appear to think that they are actually Zim's parents. This was emphasized in the unfinished episode Roboparents Gone Wild, when there is a malfunction and the Roboparents act as if they were Zim's real parents.


Robomom started malfunctioning early on in the show; she often loses her eye and has faulty vocabulary.

In the episode Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars, she became a shutterbug who loved snapping pictures of Zim, Robodad, and whatever other thing amused her. She once mistook Gaz for a boy, much to Gaz's irritation.

Robomom wears overalls, yellow gloves, and a ballerina tutu, and has blue hair that is styled somewhat similarly to Zim's human wig. She also has wheels, like Robodad. Robomom was voiced by Mo Collins. In the Spanish dub, she was voiced by Rocío Prado.


Robodad is Zim's other robot parent decoy. He has glasses and wears a vest over his shirt, and always has a pipe with him. Unlike Robomom, he has clearly-mechanical clamps for hands.

Robodad lost his arm in the episode Parent Teacher Night, which Zim then covered up by claiming that his "father" had lost his real arm in "the war". Taking it from there, Robodad began to dramatically lament the loss of his "squeezing arm". Later, he became obsessed with spending "quality time" with Zim in the episode Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, and would do anything to have it, including "playing in the toilet." Robodad was voiced by Michael McDonald. In the Spanish dub, he was voiced by Carlos del Campo.

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