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Rosearik Rikki Simons
VoiceActor RosearikRikkiSimons
Birth Date September 8, 1970
Death Date N/A
Gender Male
Characters GIR
Website Official Site
Rosearik Rikki Simons provided the voice for GIR as well as Bloaty and numerous background characters in Invader ZIM. His voice for GIR was edited digitally, because his voice could not reach GIR's pitch. At OMGCon 2010, however, he stated that he eventually learned how to do the voice on his own and that about half of the series
Rikki Simons pic

A cameo of Rikki in FBI Warning of Doom.

was done without pitch editing, although the necessary digital addition of making his voice metallic remained. Simons was also the only member of the four main voice actors to work on artistic aspects of the show, doing a large portion of coloring for episodes such as Mortos der Soulstealer.

Rosearik Rikki Simons is a good friend of Jhonen Vasquez, and has assisted him in many projects, like coloring in a comic called I Feel Sick, that Jhonen wrote. He has also done numerous original projects, some of which he works on with his wife, Tavisha.

Simons was one of five guests at the 2011 InvaderCON. He will be a guest at the 2014 InvaderCON and will accompany Richard Horvitz to the 2014 Power Morphicon, the official convention for Power Rangers.

Facts of Doom

Trivia of Doom

  • Even though Simons voiced GIR in the series in general and the pilot, he provided a different and lower pitched voice for GIR in the pilot.

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