170px-Kids screamy

Concept Art by Aaron Alexovich

Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
First Appearance Ten Minutes to Doom
Screamy is a kid in Zim and Dib's Skool. As his name suggests, he is extremely loud, and he constantly yells instead of normal, normal-volume talking. He wears a shirt that is very similar to Dib's, with the only difference being that the face on Screamy's shirt has its mouth wide open.

He is only featured once, in the cancelled episode Ten Minutes to Doom. Dib briefly ran into him while fleeing from Zim after stealing his PAK. However, Dib made the mistake of casually greeting him, and the ensuing burst of noise drew the attention of Zim and the rest of the Skool children.

After Dib ran away, a desperate, PAK-less Zim quickly interrogated Screamy, who wasted several precious seconds of Zim's life struggling to remember where Dib went. This cognitive effort ultimately proved too much for loud little Screamy, however, and his head exploded.


  • "I dunno, but he sure did run! Ya shoulda seen im'! Like a gazelle! A gazelle I say! Wow, I sure wish I-"
  • "Let... me... think...! Lemme... HMNN! HUHHHMN! HUHHMNN! RRRAAAUUUGGGHHH!" (head explodes)

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