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Name Shuvver
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Various
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins
Users Irken Armada

The Shuvver is one of the many types of Irken starships.


This vehicle is found commonly in the Irken Armada, and was one of the many types of ships that docked at Conventia's Docking Ring in the beginning of "The Nightmare Begins." It appears to be the primary type of ship that performs the Organic Sweep, as revealed in "Battle of the Planets", when a mass of Shuvvers bombarded and burned the Irken Insignia into the conquered planet Blorch.

The Shuvver is one of the most common ships in the fleet, and a dozen of them are always found among the other ships escorting the Massive. Its primary weapon is a large, circle-shaped laser cannon located at the front of the ship, and appears to have four smaller weapons (Likely lasers) around it. Like the Ripper, it has no visible view port.

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