For episode page see Simon Says Doom.

This was the premise for Simon Says "Doom", written on July 26, 2001.

"Simon Says "Doom"
Revised Premise

Dib's paranoia prompts him to volunteer for an after-skool
charity program when he finds out that ZIM has already been
participating in it for many weeks now. It seems ZIM has been
playing with orphans after school and Dib fears ZIM has been
up to something far from playful! When the orphans arrive at
skool, Dib is assigned the title of filth cleaner and has to
clean up after all the dirty little kids. Dib neglects his
responsibilities in his blind pursuit of ZIM, as ZIM takes the
kids all around the school for their various activities. Dib
constantly does more destructive harm than good in assuming
that EVERY thing ZIM does is part of some sinister plan. Dib
is kicked out of the program for being a menace to the little
orphans and watches as ZIM is rewarded for being such a good
kid. Still resolved, Dib sneaks back into the school just in
time to see ZIM playing SIMON SAYS with the orphans. But
there's something funny about the whole thing. ZIM spots Dib
and tells him he's too late, as his plan is already complete -
He has discovered secret words that can control the minds of
certain humans, and has already trained the little humans to
be his army of obedient orphan soldiers. Dib watches as ZIM
uses the "Simon Says" command to get the orphans to do his
bidding. ZIM gives the command "Simon Says conquer the earth
for your Master - ZIM!"  The orphans, not really trained at
all, begin to totter about, eventually drifting out into the
streets.  Dib tells ZIM that his plan is stupid and that the
orphans can't do any damage. Mr. Elliott enters and wonders
what happened to all the children and why Dib is still around.
Dib gets blamed for the children being gone and is expelled.
ZIM, seeing the orphans are just playing around outside,
decides the plan was ingenious, but that humans are just

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