Sizz-Lorr's Ship
Sizz-lorr's ship
Name Sizz-Lorr's Ship
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Various
First Appearance The Frycook What Came from All That Space
Users Sizz-Lorr

Sizz-Lorr's Ship was the spacecraft that the Irken Frylord Sizz-Lorr used to find, capture, and bring Zim back to Foodcourtia after traveling to the planet Earth.


The ship initially seems to bear little resemblance to other vessels of Irken design, colored something of a faded green and grey on the outside with pink/purple highlights. To start with the design, there appear to be three rounded objects in the undercarriage of the ship, though they are not fully visible; possibly landing gear or sources of propulsion. On the front there is a large pink 'eye', with the reflective viewport cutting across horizontally, and on top are three ports, possibly for maneuvering or docking.

Sizz-lorr's ship 2

Sizz-Lorr's ship as it lands on Foodcourtia.

It is much blockier than most Irken ships, though upon inspection there do seem to be elements it shares with other Irken vessels, such as the grey, spherical objects behind the forward viewport of the ship (possibly docking ports or hatches); a trait that it shares with the Spittle Runners and Ring Cutters. The logo for Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster (The fast-food restaurant that the aforementioned Frylord owns) is also imprinted on both sides of the ship.


There are few rooms actually seen in the ship, but the most prominent is the central chamber where Zim is initially taken to and held in. The walls are dotted with monitors and machinery, and the floor has a large, pink version of the general Irken Insignia imprinted on it. It is important to note that there appear to be few entrances (or exits, for that matter) to the room, though Sizz-lor is able to leave it somehow. There's also a cage.
Frylord Ship

The interior of Sizz-Lorr's ship.

Other notes

When Sizz-Lorr is landing on Foodcourtia, a green beam appears to shoot out to 'digitize' the ship for storage.