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The Skool Principal is the current principal of the Skool. He is first heard
Alexovich Peeps principal

Concept art of the Principal by Aaron Alexovitch.

speaking on the phone to Ms. Bitters in the episode Tak: The Hideous New Girl, where he makes loud pig sounds to an outraged Bitters. He also makes a larger appearance in the episode The Voting of the Doomed, but only as a silhouette. He brainwashes Willy to make it so that he does not complain about the terrible conditions of the Skool, namely the dirty bathrooms. The principal has a pet beaver who appears
with him in The Voting of the Doomed. This is a homage to the stereotypical 'Evil Mastermind', who usually carries around a Persian cat. The beaver also appears to be petting something itself, although what is unclear.

The Skool Principal does seem to have a softer side, though, as he allowed the Skoolchildren to celebrate Valentine's Day in Tak: The Hideous New Girl, against Ms. Bitters' wishes and lets them get a skool pet to 'lessen their misery'.

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